Les Chauvins covers approx 5,000 sq.m. of land (just over an acre) nestled amongst the rolling hills of the Charente.

The property

It’s wrapped on two sides by a narrow country lane that stops at our property and then becomes a grass track down into the surrounding fields, so you may glimpse the occasional tractor passing by the courtyard gate.

The property and grounds are shielded from our two neighbours by the impressive ancient barn, where you will find table tennis, badminton kit and other games equipment. The tall hedging and trees around the lawn and other boundaries ensure your privacy.

The tree and shrub boundary and the soaring 6m high wall between La Chaumière and the pool means that if Maison d’Amis and La Chaumière are booked separately you can be assured of your privacy. We are situated in La Ferme, the remaining building within the property boundaries. Please be assured however that we will be respecting your privacy while you are on your holiday although we will be around if you need assistance.

The pool

You will find our recently refurbished and generously sized pool measuring 9m by 8m, nestled within the stone walls of a former barn which afford complete privacy. In Summer 2020 a new liner was installed and steps built into the shallow end making it easier to access and also providing a perfect platform to sit safely with tiny tots for a splash about.

Whether you are a sun-worshipper or shade-seeker, the rambling grounds of Les Chauvins offer a variety of seating areas that you can move around to during the course of the day and a choice of places to dine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If booked separately, each property has its own alfresco areas and there is a large courtyard area which can accommodate all guests if Maison d’Amis and La Chaumière are booked together.

A powerful jet in the deep end can be turned on to provide a current to swim against for more serious swimmers and the pool house is somewhere to sit in the shade providing a sheltered spot to enjoy watching the fun and games in the water. There is a further decked area with sun beds accessible from this pool house from which you can again enjoy the beautiful views.

The games room and barn

Within the games room and the stunning ancient barn in the courtyard you will find table tennis, pool, table football, gym equipment (under 15 year olds to be supervised) and more. It is also where you’ll find the Pétanque sets and other games equipment.

This area also houses a large collection of books and DVDs. There is plenty in this entertainment hub to satisfy guests of all ages and interests.

The views

Enjoy stunning views across the picturesque fields, rolling hills and valleys to the south, exuding a timeless charm and beauty. 

This is also the best spot to experience the breathtaking sight of the Milky Way as you look up to the night sky and can appreciate this wonder from a place where there is no air pollution whatsoever.